New life to your drinking water

From the deep untouched waters of the arctic sea! Directly from nature to you!

Enjoy your water

  • Removes all chlorine from your drinking water immediately
  • Eliminates up to 100% E. coli, Salmonella bacteria and Eliminates mercury
  • Stabilises the water pH value towards ideal level: 7,5 - 8,5 pH
  • Adds NATURAL ionic minerals

The tests are performed by KM Lab. Norway.

Corallina algae (corallina)

is the main ingredient of the Vivatap water enhancement product. Coral algae adds to the water many vital minerals, including magnesium and calcium. The raw material in Vivatap is peeled of algae, which has accumulated for thousands of years.

Easy to use

- Fill a bottle or pitcher with 1-2 liters of water.
- Drop the bag into the water (do not open) stir for 3-4 seconds.
- Let the sachet rest in the water at least 5 minutes.
- Enjoy in your cleaner and healthier drinking water.

Pro athlete reviews

“I use Vivatap® since 1997. I use it to purify the water so I can drink as much as I can. It is very important for cyclists to drink plenty of water … read more” – Thor Hushovd
Thor Hushovd
Norwegian professional road bicycle racer
“The reasons I use Vivatap® are: it's easy to use; it purifies the water, improves the quality and gives fresher taste to the water. My machinery i.e. my body, is composed of water and I just can't function without Vivatap®.”
Gunn-Rita Dahle Flesja
Norwegian cyclist
“Hello, my name is Ojstein Grodum. I use Vivatap® every day. Vivatap® is good not only as a purifier, read more … I recommend Vivatap® to anyone, perhaps with the exception of my opponents…” – Oystein Grodum
Øystein Grødum
Norwegian speed skater

Doctor reviews

Excerpt of dr. Joseph M. Price's research report "Coronaris, Cholestrol, Chlorine".
Vivatap is good for your health! Vivatap is the most effective organic purifier in the world!
Vivatap has been thoroughly tested and the results are clear. Drinking water gets a healthier pH value ...